Saturday 14th May 2011 - Married for 2718 days

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Kat Keane - 25 May 2011
Hiya just thought I would post to add to your lists hehe. Wow what a wedding!!!!!! Had such a fab time, thanks for having me as your chief! Day to remember forever :) Love you both loads xxxx

Mama Rosa - 16 May 2011
Hello to my pretty wee princess and my handsome son-in-law. What a wonderful wedding. Everyone had such a lovely day and still talking about it. Wishing you so much happiness to go round the world and back. Dad has stopped crying you'll be glad to hear. Happy honeymoon love and kissess xxx

Sir Gregory - 17 April 2011
Will there be parking for mighty steed?

Margaret & Stevie - 4 April 2011
Hi Colette & Barry Hope you got our acceptance as we are really excited about sharing your big day with you, can't believe it's next month,hope the sun shines for you both, lots of love Mgt Stevie and family xxxx

katy law (bridesmaid) - 28 February 2011
Hi!!!!!! I just wanted to say hi!! Can't wait for the big day!!!!!! :D x

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